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heating oil

Heating Oil

Coral keeps you warm again this winter with significant benefits and advantages!

Getting cosy with heating oil from Shell retail stations guarantees you:

  • Constant Quality Control
  • Easy ordering and delivery
  • Customer Reward Scheme– Shell Smart Card 
  • Extensive delivery network

Electronic Quantity Control (Smart Ring)

Coral always puts its customers and their needs first by ensuring the correct quantity of fuel is delivered. For this it relies on the cutting-edge method of electronic quantity control, Smart Ring, which is specially designed for the supply of heating oil.
Easy to install

Easy to install

The rubber ring (coil) can be discreetly attached to the inlet of the tank. Installation is usually quick and easy without the need for connection to the power supply.

Quantity control function

Quantity control function

This special ring and the part it plays in the supply process are designed to prevent any deviations between the quantity of fuel ordered and the actual amount you receive. The ring contains the unique details of the customer and the flow of the fuel from the tanker to the tank is only possible when the refuelling nozzle is inside the inlet of the heating oil tank on which the ring has been installed.

 Automated billing

Automated billing

When supply is complete, an automated receipt is issued showing the amount recorded by the ring mechanism.



Obtain your heating oil

from Shell retail stations and collect points with your Shell Smart Club card!

Customer reward scheme

Call 18330 and if you are a Shell Smart Card holder you can collect points which you can exchange for a variety of gifts from the Smart Club annual catalogue.





Contact Information, Orders & Deliveries

For orders, deliveries and any other information about heating oil, the Smart Ring and Heating Allowances please call the numbers below, or fill in the electronic forms below.

Heating Oil Order Form / Information Request Form

Smart Ring Order Form

Nationwide telephone number for orders :


*local call rate

For Attica, you can also call (landline): 

801 11 20406

and also at the local Shell retail stations, for the rest of Greece.


For more information, please send an e-mail at    


Contact Information, Orders & Deliveries

Payment options:

Credit card (VISA or MASTERCARD, Diners, Go4More, Alpha Bank) in up to 9 interest-free instalments and up to 3% cashback

Bank deposit

In cash to the driver


We also offer you:


Automated billing upon fuel delivery accurately indicating the quantity delivered, price and time (for Smart Ring holders only).

Pre-agreed delivery time.

Get for free the smart ring, by ordering over 500 litres.

Smart card credits (1 credit / litre) for Smart Card owners.