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Whatever your work experience, whatever your dreams for a future career, we're sure you'll find the perfect opportunity at Coral S.A.!

A career at Coral S.A. is more than just a job; it's an opportunity for professional and personal development through work.


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Coral S.A., an oil and chemical products company, is a member of Motor Oil Hellas (MOH), a leader in the petroleum refining business, supplying the markets it serves with a wide range of high-quality products.

With its customer-oriented approach and respect both for the human environment and human needs, Coral S.A. builds on its past achievements, increasingly strengthening its position in the Greek market while setting new objectives for its further development.

If you have a higher education degree or diploma, then seize this chance to embark on your career

If you're interested in working as a tanker driver and you have a category E licence and ADR, please send us your CV.

Areas of activity

Manifacturing and Distribution

Coral S.A. operates four storage and distribution depots for its Oil products and Chemicals (Perama, Kalohori, Alexandroupoli, Chania), two LPG depots (Aspropyrgos, Kalohori) in operation, and three cooperative Oil product Depots with other companies in Volos, Rhodes and Alexandroupoli.

Main operations:

The depots are used for storage and distribution of all the company's products and also serve as operational centres for a number of other activities including:

  • product routing
  • oil blending and packaging (Perama Depot)
  • electrochemical maintenance of equipment, and
  • product quality control


Sales, Marketing, Trading

Every single business activity of Coral S.A. presents both opportunities and challenges in the commercial sector. This means that you'll be involved in the marketing or sales of one or more of our very wide range of products: from fuels, lubricants or LPG, to chemicals or natural gas, not forgetting also all the services that we provide.

Financial Services 

Work in the financial sector comes in various forms, from major acquisitions and investment decisions to daily practices and management. You can work in different areas including: financial control and analysis, credit control, cash management, accounting, financial investment evaluation, financial structure, insurance, taxation, risk management.

Human Resources

Attracting, recruiting, motivating, rewarding, developing and optimising the potential of the workforce with particular emphasis on creativity, flexibility and diversity. The HR department supports all company operations and through its know-how contributes to employee development and advancement.


IT is an essential pillar of the company's growth. By adopting proven methods of data and technology management, our company helps its customers to focus their attention on their main business activities thereby improving their performance.

Public Affairs

The company's PR department deals with the internal communication issues of the personnel and provides support to all the departments and lines of business as regards strategic affairs. It is also responsible for the management of, and communication with, all relevant external bodies, government organisations and SMEs, issues press releases and monitors publicity. In addition it manages projects as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility programme and contribution to society.

Customer Service

Do you have a passion for communication and customer-facing activities? Then working for the customer service department you'll not only have the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of direct contact with the customer, you'll also get to know what the success of a good business relationship feels like. In this department you'll have the chance to get a first-hand 'taste' of Coral S.A.'s wide range of activities since, as a member of the Customer Service team, you'll participate in the whole process, from the start of the relationship with the new customer, up to delivery of the product, and monitoring of the account.


The main functions of the legal department are: legal advice, preparing or verifying contracts. representation of companies before the courts and preparation of judicial or extrajudicial cases. The legal team also gives advice and coordinates the activities of external lawyers or specialized law firms, for support in specific cases.. The main branches of law concerned include: company law, EU issues, labour issues, environmental protection, service agreements, free competition law, industrial and intellectual property, all types of contract law, business acquisitions, taxation issues, town planning legislation - expropriations, real-estate transfers, personal data protection, e-commerce.

Training and Development

At Coral S.A. we aim to equip you with valuable, cutting-edge knowledge for your professional and personal development.

We aim to provide our employees with a combination of internal and external training.

Accordingly, this training is either provided by external experts or by Coral's specialized training services and facilities.

While the nature of this training will be your choice, in consultation with your team leader, you'll receive the full support of our company's training and development managers to assist you in making the right decisions regarding your training.

Right from the start, therefore, you'll be empowered to a certain extent to take your own first steps at Coral. In some sectors, we have designed state-of-the-art self-development tools for our people and we implement a programme centred on personal and professional career development, to help them accomplish their tasks and contribute to the company's success.

As regards taking on new roles in the first stages of your career, the timing of this will depend on your particular technical or professional field of activity, and on the career path you wish to carve out.

You'll benefit from the guidance of your team leader and have the chance to actively participate in a process that will enable you to apply for positions in all areas of the company.

Coral adopts a merit-based approach and new tasks and/or promotions depend on your performance and competencies. Through the evaluation procedures you can assess the progress you've made towards achieving the objectives you've set, identify the areas for improvement, and the new challenges you'll have to address.

Recruitment Process

Objectives and quality standards that we apply to the application process.

The high quality of our people at Coral S.A. has always been the cornerstone of our strategy and recruitment of graduates is key in sourcing new talent. This is why Coral attaches great importance to the quality of its recruitment process, which has been designed to achieve the following:

  • Offer you the best opportunity to demonstrate how your particular knowledge and skills can add to the company 
  • Facilitate decision-making both for you and for Coral
  • Guarantee that the selection processes are consistent, fit for purpose, and fair 
  • Ensure that you are completely comfortable with the selection processes 
  • Give you an accurate picture of Coral
  • Help you understand the benefits of a professional career at Coral

In order to verify that the selections processes are valid, consistent and merit-based, we apply the following quality standards:

  • Our selection criteria are based on work-related information
  • Our exercises simulate tasks and challenges derived from analyses of work parameters and profiles
  • We inform candidates in advance about our selection criteria and selection process 
  • The assessors responsible for candidate selection, conducting interviews and the evaluation are all trained professionals

We perform validation research at regular intervals to verify that our selection process allows us to estimate, with a fair degree of accuracy, candidates' future job performance and potential.

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