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Useful information for the motorist

Useful information for the motorist

We constantly try to stand by your side, in order to inform you on time and accurately about daily issues that you are conserned of and deliver to you our expertise regarding fuels for your service,safety, and economy.

Useful information

Get informed here about the factors that affect fuels' prices, fuel saving tips as well as safety rules at Shell retail stations.


Every day we aim to offer you our company's high quality fuels at competitive prices.

We identify the general economic condition that exists, we are aware of the fuel prices that concern and affect directly the custemers and therefore we mention the facts that determine prices.

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Fuel Saving Tips

The way you drive has a direct impact not only on you, your family and others, but also on the environment.

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Safety rules at Shell retail stations


Health and safety standards at Shell-branded retail stations are particularly high. Nevertheless, you should always guard against potential hazards. Please read the basic rules and safety procedures for a safe and carefree visit every time, at Shell-branded retail stations.

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Safe fuel handling

Please be especially careful when handling or storing fuels.

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