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Bituminous binders, commonly known as asphalts, are vitally important in the area of construction and maintenance of public infrastructures such as motorways, cycle tracks, pipeline networks, airport runways, etc.

At Coral, we are committed to developing and providing high-tech solutions to meet every need – both of our customers and of other interested parties.

Bituminous products

Coral S.A.'s bitumen division operates in Greece and also in the markets of neighbouring countries offering a wide range of products: conventional pure binders, e.g. 50/70, 80/100 etc., or polymer-modified binders – or of another type – admixtures or composites for the production of coloured bitumen mixtures, or, finally, bitumen-based insulating materials that are particularly ideal for joint sealing applications.


The Bitumen Division started to operate in 2003 when the company entered the domestic market. Its objective was the processing of basic bitumens through modification and their subsequent distribution to major construction companies. 

Bituminous products

In 2006, it also started trading in conventional types of bitumen making its product portfolio one of the most comprehensive today in comparison with its competitors.

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  • Conventional bitumens
  • Hard bitumens
  • Modified paving bitumens
  • Materials for making coloured bituminous mixtures
  • Insulating materials
  • Bitumen emulsions

Reference projects

Reference projects

Coral’s bitumen division has made a significant contribution to a series of important works in Greece including:

Rio – Antirrio bridge (2004), the road axis PATHE / Malakasa area, Egnatia Odos / section Grevena - Siatista junction, Rhodes Diagoras International Airport and Alexandroupolis Airport and Araxos Military Airport. Also roadworks in the Municipality of Thessaloniki, the road axis PATHE / Kleidi Imathia section - beginning of Tempe pass, a coloured cycle track in Heraklion, Crete, and a multitude of smaller works on Greece’s secondary road, and provincial road, network.

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bitumen solutions to meet even the most demanding requirements.

Reference projects


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