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Industrial Fuels

Trust Coral S.A. for your every needs and benefit to the full from the reliability, quality and economy that our fuel gives you.

Coral S.A. aims at the wider commercial and industrial sector, both within and outside Greece, offering excellent products and services that meet the needs of today’s commerce and industry. Coral S.A.'s technically excellent infrastructure as regards depots, equipment and distribution networks, its strategic presence throughout Greece and support from one of the most state-of-the-art refineries in the Mediterranean are a guarantee that it can meet our customers' needs regarding supply in a timely manner.

When it comes to liquid fuel, Coral S.A. is commercial and industrial customers’ first choice. The company is always there for them, consistent, reliable and readily available, understanding their needs for smooth, productive operation, commercial performance and economy.


Coral’s strong points include:

Operating efficiency, flexibility and speed of its loading points, both those of the company’s privately-owned depots throughout Greece and of the many others through the company’s retailers within or outside Greece.

Quantity and quality assurance of delivered products and safety of unloading governed by special regulations and checks.

Product differentiation and excellence, combining Shells’ technological excellence with Motor Oil’s state-of-the-art refinery. Our capital adequacy is well-established enabling us to support even the largest and most demanding commercial consumers.


Transport and Construction Industry

Regarding the Transport and Construction industry, Coral S.A. has a particular understanding of the need for smooth, reliable, fast and high-quality supply of the local depots and worksites, so it can provide multiple supply points and a capable, privately-owned and leased, fleet of tankers, thus minimizing the chance of interrupted supply of its customer's points of operation.

Furthermore, the differentiated diesels that our company has selected to deal in protect the engine and other mechanical parts of vehicles and guarantee not only their more economical operation, but also higher performance.

In addition, Coral S.A. undertakes the design and construction of retail stations for private use, where this is permitted by the applicable legislation and it benefits the customer financially.

Industry, General Trade and Tourism Sector

The Industry, General Trade and Tourism Sector is characterised by strong competition which gives rise to the need for supplying liquid fuels at a low cost and in a consistent, reliable and safe manner. The particular nature of these needs requires that the supplier meet them holistically.

The same is true for the Tourism industry, a key growth sector in Greece, which requires a combination of services in multiple locations in continental Greece and the Greek islands. 

In order to supply the customers in the sector, Coral S.A. draws essentially on its multiple loading points, the most cost-effective privately-owned fleet of tankers; the ability to supply a large part of the Greek islands, either through the presence of privately-owned storage points or special tanker ships.

Heating Oil Dealers Industry and Independent Liquid Fuel Retail Stations

Our company traditionally supports home heating oil consumption through a wholesale supply network of trusted heating oil dealers with storage locations throughout Greece.

Backed by its staff who are specialised in this commercial activity, its in-depth knowledge of the domestic market and the legislation on heating oil trading, Coral S.A. is always by your side, to help your business run smoothly and be more efficient, since it knows the specific characteristics of domestic heating oil distribution.

At the same time, Coral S.A., taking advantage of the geographical proximity of Greece, its location on the Balkan Peninsula and its depots in Northern Greece, can meet the needs in liquid fuel supply of the neighbouring countries, by exporting its high-tech products. 

Products and services

Simple technology fuels

  • Conventional diesel in accordance with state specifications
  • MAZUT LS ΝO.1, 180 cSt
  • Additive-free unleaded petrol
  • Heating oil

Advanced fuels technology

Services for Coral S.A.’s commercial customers

  • Online trading platform

Availability of the above should always be checked with Coral S.A.

For more information please contact us on (+30) 210 9476511, Customer Service Call Centre for company’s Commercial customers