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Modified paving bitumens

Coral S.A. distributes Shell's products both in the Greek market and in neighbouring markets as sole distributor and proprietor of the Shell brands.

Modified bitumen, more widely known by its acronym, 'PMB' (Polymer Modified Bitumen), is a technologically advanced bitumen, which is used in high-end projects. Research and development for the creation of the modified bitumen stemmed mainly from the need to create a new standard of bitumen that could meet a series of high requirements, principally the following:

  • Long life, so as to pre-empt the need for constantly repairing road surfaces
  • Durability in high-end applications (airports, racetracks, bridges, etc.)
  • Guaranteed safe use (aquaplaning/hydroplaning, traction, etc.)
  • Higher compatibility with aggregates to produce a highly compact road surface

In addition to the above, its use also engenders a series of advantages including, in particular, savings in raw materials and long-term financial benefits, which is essentially due to its reduced maintenance requirements (the ratio of maintenance costs when using modified bitumen instead of conventional bitumen is approximately 1:3, meaning that the resulting road surface generally has a three times longer life than that produced by premixing with conventional bitumen).

Modified bitumen is basically produced by mixing base bitumen with special thermoplastic elastomers, as well as with other materials, in a limited number of applications, e.g. EVEs, PVC, PE, epoxy resins, cellulose fibres, etc. 

Our Company's bitumens are produced in Greece and conveyed in bulk to the respective points of delivery.

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