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A maritime partner for integrated business solutions that combine full range of marine products and technical services.

Coral Products & Trading, is subsidiary of Coral S.A, that offers integrated solutions combining a full range of marine products and technical services for your marine operational needs. We offer a variety of products ranging from fuels to lubricants. The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the marine industry enables our experienced professionals to provide assurance that you are working with a reliable supplier, who contributes to the enhancement of your business’ operations.

Customers are at the heart of everything we do.  Our commitment is to build strategic partnerships with customers, maximizing value in their operation. We build operational excellence along supply chain secured by our terminal network and by Motor Oil refinery.

Coral Marine Fuels & lubricants

Coral is a physical supplier of marine fuels and lubricants that are designed to help optimize your marine operations.

Coral’s portfolio of marine fuels encompasses a suite of High and Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (Grades RMG180, RMG380, RMG500+) and Marine Gas Oil 0,1% fully compliant with standards set by organizations such as ASTM and ISO. Coral Marine, backed up by Motor Oil Hellas refinery, provides the highest standards of safety, supply robustness and operational integrity across the entire bunkering procedure.

Committed to offer high quality in competitive prices, Coral Marine introduces high density, high viscosity fuels in the Mediterranean Sea by supplying RMG 500+ at the port of Piraeus.



Coral Marine Network

Coral invests in supply infrastructure to provide advanced services to its customers. We have a 120.000m3 capacity depot in the region of Perama, at the heart of Piraeus with a fuels jetty within the PCT Terminal. 

Promoting innovation, Coral Marine is the first bunker fuel supplier in the Mediterranean to introduce bunkering with barges equipped with mass flow metering system (MFMS) accredited by an independent body.

A MFMS is a major step-change in marine operations. The use of MFMS increases productivity since it: 

  • enhances integrity, security and efficiency of fuel quantity measurements, mitigating human errors,
  • reduces the uncertainty associated with density, temperature and other factors such as tank geometry,
  • reduces significantly the duration of the delivery.


In addition, the Remote Monitoring System installed on our barges, provides on line remote surveillance of delivery, available to customers via web based access, increasing transparency throughout the entire delivery process.

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