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Comprehensive solutions over lubrication

Lubrication products and services

Coral has a full range of top quality lubricants and related products that can meet the lubrication needs of vehicles, machinery, industrial and marine applications.

We always put our customers' needs first by offering technical support and a range of technical services including:

    • Free chemical analyses to determine optimum life of the lubricants
    • Keeping emergency stocks for immediate customer service
    • Early diagnosis of potential wear of engine parts through oil sample analysis

Our company markets a full range of Shell lubricants and has a strategic partnership with Total.

We also have Coral-branded cutting-edge technology lubricants, approved by major international organisations, which cover both commercial and retail applications in the following categories: passenger cars, professional and heavy-duty vehicles, industry and marine.

Lubrication products and services

The range includes mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils, which meet and exceed the manufacturer's specifications and the demands of even the most cutting-edge and specialized applications. All Coral-branded lubricants are manufactured in the state-of-the-art facilities of MOTOR OIL, one of the most multi-functional and cutting-edge refineries in Europe. They are made from top quality, primary base oils, with a high level of technical expertise and adopting quality criteria.

Lubricants for petrol engines and small diesel engines

We have a wide range of lubricants suitable for every type of car

Lubricants for heavy-duty diesel engines           

We reliably meet the needs of the professional driver

Industrial lubricants

We offer integrated solutions through our specialized products and services

Marine lubricants

Reliably and consistently we respond to the ever-increasing needs of the Greek merchant marine


We are always there for our customers, consistent, reliable and readily available, offering coverage throughout Greece and full technical support, from the simplest to the most specialized application.

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