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Manage your car fleet easily and effectively with Coral Pass and euroShell fuel cards

Coral Pass & euroShell

Coral Pass & euroShell

The Coral Pass & euroShell fuel cards are a unique fuel management tool for over 3,000 businesses throughout Greece that have vehicle fleets. They meet the needs of today's entrepreneur with new, practical tools and services.

These next generation, unique and user-friendly fuel cards were methodically created by our experienced people to effectively meet your needs every day.

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Next generation products

Unique fuel management tool

for over 3,000 companies throughout Greece

Coral Pass & euroShell

Coral Pass National Network



The Coral Pass fleet card was designed to support companies, helping them to achieve secure, fast and flexible management of Transport Costs. It is a comprehensive management tool based on a single payment mechanism. Basically, it provides centralized control of all the road-transport-related expenses of a company.

Coral S.A. is a leader in the fleet cards market with over 80,000 cardholders, more than 3,000 business partners, and partnerships with over 50% of the largest companies in the Greek market.


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euroShell Europe International Network

Companies / customers operating in Europe, such as international transport companies, can use the euroShell fleet card for purchasing fuel supplies at Shell retail stations and Shell's partner's retail stations . They can also use it for payment of road transport expenses, roadside assistance cover, and VAT refund services.

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Service Network (National Network)

Service Network (National Network)

Coral S.A. and euroShell fuel cards are accepted in over 680 retail stations throughout Greece. The retail stations appear on the retail station locator form by selecting ''Fuel Cards''.

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Coral Pass and euroShell fuel cards

are accepted by over 680 retail stations

throughout Greece

Service Network (National Network)

Contact and Service

For more information about the Coral Pass and euroShell fuel cards, and the terms and conditions of their use, please call our Customer Service Centre representatives on

210 9476519

or send a fax to

210 9476601

Otherwise, you can complete the online form/contact request for Coral Pass or euroShell by clicking here.

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